Pre-K2 Program

Our Pre-K2 classroom picks up where the toddler classrooms leave off.  Placement in the preschool classrooms may depend on age, maturity level and socialization skills.  The children participate in a structured curriculum introducing letter names with sounds, reviewing numbers, shapes, colors, and days of the week, daily, as well as following the various thematic units scheduled each week.  

"Creatively Caring for your Child..."

The Pre-K3 students dig deeper into the world of learning.  They participate in Circle Time every day learning the alphabet names and sounds, numbers, shapes, colors, days of the week, etc.  The class integrates music, songs and movement with learning and preparing for Pre-K4, as well as introduction to computer technology.  Our Pre-K3 program participates in pre-writing activities and worksheets.  Thematic units are incorporated into the weekly lesson plans to make learning fun!  

Pre-K3 Program

Pre-K4 Program

Our Pre-K4 class at Mini Me Learnign Center follows a blended curriculum focusing on multiple avenues to prepare our children for Kindergarten.  The class participates in a daily schedule beginning with "Circle Time" style class time, learning the alphabet names and sounds, numberals and shapes, rhyming, grammar as well as pre-writing and writing practice worksheets.  Computer time is utilized for creative learning.  We have combined Montessori and other teacher methods which help to keep the children excited to learn!  We also participate in practice testing and familiarity of the DIBELS test so that students are prepared and comfortable when testing for Kindergarten.  We recommend that our students arrive by 9:00 every morning in order to fully participate in the lessons.  This forms a routine for the children and adjustments to such routines may sometimes hinder the learning process.

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